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New Year, new Luck

Now the 7th year after start of development has started. When I look back I see ups and downs. Thank God but the positive moments prevail. Our Assault System is finished, is fully playable and plays extremely smoothly. Each, really each of our numerous test games ended more than close. The battles were mostly decided on the last turn. We had a lot of fun during our game sessions when the luck has changed surprisingly and forced us into other situations. We are really excited about so much turning points during our games.

The icing on the cake was that we came up with a fully dynamic battle campaign. All this with a historical background and laid out at the start of Operation Barbarossa 1941. The players have so-called core units available which gain experience and each battle result determines the further progress of the campaign or the course of the entire operation.

I thought we were ready. Now we do need a publisher who supports, only. Well that actually seems to be a problem. Somehow for me the suspicion arises that such games with historical context in World War 2 are no longer find a market or that this market is slowly disappearing. At least that’s my impression in central Europe. Perhaps the topic of World War II has been exhausted, frequented too often, or simply is too boring for actual board game players. A Panzer II Flamingo from the 40s certainly cannot keep up with an angry dragon. Also, today you won’t find a grenadier as sexy as half-naked elves. Falling into dream worlds keeps us from seeing realities. Perhaps that could be a reason for my feeling that historical conflict games are not so popular today.

I do not know it. I can’t answer that myself either. For us our passion counts. We want to play a peace of history and bring it into the world (wow! What a great term). At least we can create a lot of fun for numerous board game players.

Let’s go! To a good and successful year 2020.

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