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Eastern Front

We love Hex-n-Counter games!

With Assault Red Horizon 41 we have laid the foundation for a new tactical war game. Around this foundation we will create more modules.

Let us surprise you!

Eastern Front Series

Red Horizon 41 takes place as the core game for the Eastern Front Series. In the following timeline you can see what we are working on. Concerning the planned dates and modules, we would like to point out that we are a team of hobbyists. This means that we live out this passion parallel to our work and our families. So for that, we reserve the right to make changes to this planning and schedule!

We love the replay value

The modules of the different series will be combinable with each other. We like it when we can combine things. So we have the goal of making all modules in the Assault environment combinable with each other. This means that you can rewrite history. For example, you could fight with the Soviet forces in Sicily against the Americans.