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TAS/OAS Expansion

First Expansion for Red Horizon 41 is available in our webstore!

“Do you hear the Stuka coming? Destroy buildings to take your opponent’s cover and send them running. Use the artillery to smash enemy troops or hinder their movement.”

The Tactical Air and Offboard Artillery Support Expansion, (combined into the acronym TA/OAS), is an optional expansion that can be used for Assault Red Horizon ‘41. It introduces two new elements into the Assault Game System.

1. As well as infantry, artillery and vehicle units provided in the base game, players are now able to add in air and artillery support to fight their battles. The air and artillery support refers to…

  1. Tactical Air Support (TAS): Tactical Air was a very important factor during Operation Barbarossa. At the beginning of the operation, more than two and a half thousand aircraft were buzzing over the front on the German side and between seven and nine thousand on the Soviet side. Air strikes cut off supply lines, destroyed enemy positions and supported land units in their advance or to hold their defensive positions. With this expansion, players can now introduce this element into their games!
  2. Offboard Artillery Support (OAS): At the beginning of Operation Barbarossa, both sides had a large number of artillery. The tactical use of gun batteries was essential for offensive operations but also very effective in defence. Artillery could cover approach routes with smoke, delay or break enemy attack columns. The use of these heavy weapons was also important in breaking enemy positions in preparation for an attack.

2. Players are also able to use the blast values which were included on the unit cards of the base game, (ready for this expansion to become  available).

This box is not a stand-alone game!
This box is an expansion for the tactical wargame Assault Red Horizon 41.
You need to own Assault Red Horizon 41 to play this expansion.

Watch the introductory video here (click on link): Introduction TA/OAS

Click for order here: Order TA/OAS Expansion