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AAR-1 Jorgen B. vs. Wolfgang K.

  • Date: 21.05.2024
  • Axis Player: Wolfgang
  • Allied Player: Jörgen
  • Scenario: First Encounter
  • Result: VPs = 3:1 (Axis vs. Allies)
  • Axis Losses: 39 pts
  • Allied Losses:42 pts

Watch my screen recording here:

1943, July, a new day is dawning. The sun spreads its light over the picturesque Sicilian landscape. The little village is just waking up.

It’s going to be a nice day.

The tranquillity is abruptly shattered by the thunderous rumble of tracks, the roar of revving engines, and the piercing sound of shouts and gunfire. The war has arrived, uninvited and unwelcome, disrupting the peace with its relentless chaos!

From the west, the 15th Panzer Grenadier Division’s lead elements, their armoured vehicles a formidable sight, approach the small village with calculated precision. Directly opposite, a small American force, a mix of elements from the 2nd Armored Division and the 1st Infantry Division, advances cautiously, their every move a testament to their strategic planning and anticipation of the clash.

The Germans enter the village first, setting their sights on the vital crossroad in its middle while the Americans move towards the edge of the village, taking aim at a large cluster of sturdy buildings. American armour flank to the south, and at the outskirts of the village, they spot a lone German StuH42. AP rounds scream past frightened villagers and slam into the tough German armour plating, only denting it and rattling the steel beast’s crew. The engagement has begun.

The Germans unloaded their infantry, bravely rushing into the cover of the buildings while being shelled by the American 81mm mortar team that hurriedly set up position among a lump of trees just to the northeast.

Meanwhile, the Americans, showing remarkable composure, managed to get their .50 cal machine gun into position to stop the Germans’ advance towards the intersection. In a violent retort, the German Sdkfz 251/1 opens up at the machine gun, almost suppressing the brave Americans.

The tank battle to the south rages on, with shells exchanged left and right. The Americans score hit after hit but have little to no effect, while the Germans constantly fail to hit their targets, which is very lucky for the Americans.

Finally, the Germans find their mark, and the American m3 is forced to retreat, significantly weakening the American’s push on the south side.

In the centre, the American m5 pushes north to stop the Germans digging in. With a combination of mortar fire, the m5, and luck, one of the German Sdkfz goes up in flames. The German’s withering firing is starting to take its toll on the Americans who try to hold on to the buildings just east of the centre. Slowly but surely, the Germans push further and further, closing in on the Americans.

Unnoticed to all, the second American M5 creeps northwards until it sees an opening in the German defences. It revs its engines and lurches forward with all guns blazing. It dodges and weaves the incoming German fire and rams the building where the German defenders are taking cover.

Wood, masonry, bricks, and earth fly everywhere when the M5 tears through the house. The few surviving defenders flee.

In the centre, the Americans seize the initiative and rush forward, surprising the few Germans. The Americans feel the wind of change, and victory is in the air.

But it’s premature. The American push is hasty, coming in too early, displaying the American cowboy mentality. The Germans waver but stand firm. They bring all guns to bear on the exhausted Americans, dealing the final blow. Without hesitation, the German officer orders “Feuer”.

The few remaining Americans are driven out of the village, not that reluctant to fight anymore, at least not today.

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