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Assault Tournament 2024

We are currently organising a digital tournament based upon Assault Sicily 43 for the summer of 2024. To keep things simple, we want to begin with between eight to ten players. During this event, participants will be leading troops from both the Axis or Allies through three different scenarios. You will, therefore, be facing off against six opponents from around the globe. The winner will be the player with the highest overall score at the end of the tournament.

All participants will also be entered into our online Assault Eternal League (still a work in progress). As player interest and numbers increase, this may become a full-fledged player ladder.


All participants will be expected to make time available for playing all six sessions. We will be playing one session per month until the tournament is complete. This online tournament will require the use of several pieces of software. Each participant will need to install Steam (free), Table Top Simulator ($19.99 USD), and Discord (free) for chat communication. There are a plethora of tutorials on YouTube for these applications. New users my find these Table Top Simulator and Discord tutorials helpful.

Tournament play

The tournament director will assign pairings and game nationalities for each round. Efforts will be made to ensure the you ultimately play both sides for each scenario and meet a different opponent each round. Three standard scenarios will be played (TTS modules will be made available for subscription):

  • First Encounter (Meeting Engagement)

  • The Hill (Attacker vs Defender)

  • Tank on Tank (Meeting Engagement)

All scenarios will be played using Rulebook v2.0, along with optional rules for command points and command cards. A final version of the v2.0 rulebook will soon be available online for download. Tactical air support and Offboard Artillery Support will not be available. Your men will need to win the day based soley upon your tactical acumen. 

Tournament results

Following the completion of each round, the players will submit a brief after action report (AAR) to the tournament director via email. This report should include the following information:

  • Date:
  • Axis Player:
  • Allied Player: 
  • Scenario:
  • Result:
  • Axis Losses:
  • Allied Losses:
  • Screenshot of Map:
  • Brief Summary of Action:

The winner of each scenario is determined by the number of victory points earned. The player with the fewest lost points earns one extra victory point for the scenario. Tournament results and AARs will be updated and posted on the Assault Games website. Tournament points will be awarded as follows:

  • Win = 4 points
  • Draw = 2 points
  • Loss = 0 points
  • If a player does not take part in a game or does not manage to play a game per month, the victory of the scenario goes to the opponent. Points are awarded 0 vs 3.

The tournament winner will be the player with the most points at the end. In the event of a tie, the player with the fewest loss points (sum of all lost unit points calculated over all games) wins. A final ranking of factions (Axis vs Allies) will also be determined for the scenario. Who will win this war?


As mentioned above, there will be a limited  number of players for this, our inaugural year. Tournament registration is strictly first come, first served. If you like what you have seen and would like to sign up, please email our tournament director (Clifton Franklund, aka WeeBeasties) at tournament@assault-games.com.

To facilitate online interactions, please include the following information in your request:

  • Your name (sort of obvious…)
  • Your email address (so that you and your assigned opponent can coordinate play).
  • Your Zulu time (UTC) – we live all around the world…
  • Your Table Top Simulator user name
  • Your Board Game Geek user name (optional)

Next steps

We are planning a launch and welcome meeting in May 2024. The tournament start is planned for May or June! and should be completed by late fall 2024.