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Combined Arms! Co-operation singed.

Assault Games are pleased to announce that Wolfgang Klein (owner, Assault Games®) and Uwe Walentin (Managing Director, Sound of Drums GmbH ) have signed a co-operation agreement and will be working together in the future. Combining their two strengths, they hope to inspire even more players to enjoy Assault game system. Under the co-operation agreement…

  • Assault Games® will continue to develop exciting new games and modules as an independent design studio.
  • Sound of Drums will take over the production, logistics and distribution of our titles.

Sound of Drums is a Swiss publishing house dedicated to the development and distribution of high-quality historical games. Their Managing Director, Uwe Walentin is a designer himself, as well as an  

enthusiastic and committed wargamer.

Everyone who has been involved in the Assault Games project knows that, from the very beginning, we have been passionate about maintaining our high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. That’s why we are so thrilled to have Uwe and Sound of Drums, a very experienced partner, at our side. With the logistics and distribution in their capable hands, it will give us much more time and freedom to further develop the system and the series.

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