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Box Artwork: Assault Sicily 43 – Gela Beachhead

 Box Cover Artwork.

Well, it took a little longer because Marc von Martial had to take care of some other projects. Now we have been focussing on the card design and box artwork for the last few weeks. You can marvel at the result here.

I think the picture is very well done!

On the second day of the landing (11 July 1943), the first Shermans of the 2nd Armoured Division made it ashore a little east of Gela.

They reached the battlefield just as the German counterattack by the Hermann Göring Division was about to break through.

This M4A1 Sherman tank is digging its way through the beach dune at full speed and turret at 11 o’clock. The commander observes and gives instructions via the on-board intercom system.

Wow! I love this picture! I hope you, too?


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