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Game Session with Zilla Blitz!

Such a great game session with Sicily 43

Many thanks to Mike aka Zilla Blitz (Zilla´s Youtubefor this really exciting Session.

We played with the Assault Sicily 43 online module for the Table Top Simulator (On Target (pre-production version): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3023696853)

This was because Mike is preparing his online content for our upcoming western front module Assault Sicily 43.

Think we had a lot of fun chating and rolling the combat dice. He wrote on his twitter / X account:

A deliciously fun Saturday afternoon spent learning and playing Sicily ’43 on Tabletop Simulator with AssaultGames1. The battle swung back and forth but darkness brought a fragile stalemate. Thanks, Wolfgang, for teaching and playing!

Look forward to this content coming up.