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Happy Easter News

Happy Easter to all of you!

Wow! What a start in the year 2022. I want to use the time for now to give a few info where we are and what we are working on.

Where we are?

We are on the market now for around half a year. We have managed to get out a lot of Red Horizon 41 boxes around the planet.  We collected feedback from various reviewers, players and other supporters. One big achievement we never ever had thougt about is, that surprisingly “The Players Aid” see´s Assault Red Horizon 41 in their Top 10 Wargames List (Alexander mentioned the 7th place, Grant weight it on his 3rd place in the list).  Find more here:  Theplayersaid_Youtube

This is awesome and motivates us to go further this way with our tactical system. Again for this results we want to say thank you to all supported us!

On what we are working on?

  • As mentioned in an earlier update. We are close to finish our first expansion which is integrating Tactical Air and Off-board Arty Support plus the possibility for destroying buildings and damaging terrain. A production for this is planned in 2022. We want to open up a pre-order page on our webshop as soon as possible.
  • In parallel we started development of a new stand alone box which will be combineable with Red Horizon 41. This box will be as big as Red Horizon 41 and we will place it somewhere west in 1943.
  • Additional we started development of a strategic level stand alone game but combineable with the tactical system like Red Horizon 41 – lets see what is coming out!
  • And for all solo players. At this time I (Wolfgang) started to think about some kind of solo mode for our tactical system – but this will still take some while.

In meanwhile you can watch for example some more videos about Red Horizon 41 reviews here:

Reviews – References

Do you have any ideas to progress or to make things better? Write us: info@assault-games.com

Thats it for now! We with you a Happy Easter time! Have fun and stay safe!

Best regards