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Rulebook v2.0

General Information:

The Rule Book v2.0 is in pre-production status. This means, that we expect only minor things (e.g. formatting things, spelling,…) could change to the final v2.0. We would like to emphasise that the v2.0 version is then also playable for the East Front series with Red Horizon 41.

We have tried to incorporate all the changes so that the structure of v1.0 is maintained and previous Red Horizon 41 players can find their way around again.

At this point, we would like to say thank you once again to all the supporters and players of our system. Your feedback is very welcome and valuable.

We think that the Assault System is becoming a lot more grown up with the rules version v2.0. The game experience of tactical battles will be even more intense and exciting than before.

As we want to keep throwing the stone, we have already prepared the next project for the Eastern Front series, Sevastopol. But more about that when the time comes…


Find here some information about what has changed to the v1.0:

  • Integrated the optional rules for TA/OAS expansion to the rulebook chapter 13 new
  • Status markers: new hide action, hidden, ambush, deleted close combat markers
  • Changed command points rules: players now have a to plan all but three points (command focus pool)
  • added: Troop Status Board for campaign play
  • added: minefield markers and rules 9.6.4
  • added: markers and rules for fortifications, obstacles
  • added: terrain damage markers for opt. TA/OAS
  • added: TA/OAS cards
  • added: 6.5. rule for black hidden status markers
  • changed: 7.1.1 spotting for indirect fire – spotting is now a free action
  • changed: 7.1.2 indirect fire on vehicles
  • changed / added: Level 2 terrain
  • changed LOS behaviour of buildings: now hindering LOS
  • added: rules for roads and trails 9.6.3
  • added: special rule for infantry 9.8.2 reinforcing a position
  • added: rules for loading / unloading immobile artillery 9.11.4, 9.11.5
  • added: rules for Hide Action & Ambush 9.12.
  • added: rules for Joint fire 10.8.4
  • deleted: chapter 11.0 ranged fire aid – this will be also an separate game aid sheet
  • rewritten: Close Combat Chapter 12.0 to chapter 11.0
  • rewritten: OAS rules chapter 12.4 (note: we will update the RH41 OAS cards as well and publish them online for download)
  • added: Index
  • added: chapter about ressources, links and support