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Campaign Play

To present the players with an even more intensive way of playing, this box contains the campaign ‘Gela Beachhead’. This is a historically based and fully dynamic campaign in which players have a choice of units to deploy throughout the campaign. The campaign could be set-up either historical or non-historical.
The campaign game spans a total of 6 out of 27 different missions over two days of combat. The outcome of each mission determines the further course of the campaign and the result. The players’ units can gain experience and thus become more effective in battle.
To make it easier to start playing, the campaign can be played in two modes. The standard mode is suitable for beginners. If you want to get deeper into the game and identify more with the available units, you can also play the optional Grognard mode, which asks the players to keep a record of their units in the so-called Troop Roster. In this way, the players record the losses and combat strengths of their units on a unit-by-unit basis over the course of the campaign.