We recommend you begin with the infantry and vehicle training scenarios when learning the Assault Game System. Once you have completed them it will be easier to play the larger scenarios. They will give you the chance to learn the basic rules and work through the sequence of play.

Select the scenario Infantry Training from the scenario book and turn to chapter 5.0 Game Preparation of the core rules. You are now ready to begin learning how to play Assault Red Horizon '41.

Note that the following rules will be used in this scenario:

  • All basic rules

Infantry specific rules 

You can disregard the following rules for this scenario:

Artillery specific rules 

Vehicle specific rules

Optional rules

After each of you have decided which faction to play, set up the game as described in the scenario book and shown in the illustration below. 

Once this is done, get the player aid chart and turn to chapter 6.0 Sequence of Play. You'll begin with the initiative phase. The Infantry Training scenario can now start… 

When you are comfortable with handling infantry under the basic rules, try the Vehicle Training scenario next. You will find everything you need to play listed in the scenario book. Instead of the infantry specific rules, the vehicle specific rules will apply here. 

After you have mastered both training scenarios, you will be ready for the larger scenarios!

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